Central Park’s Spring Awakening

Central Park’s Spring Awakening

One of my favourite things about the changing seasons in North America is the way everything in the environment regrows, and everyone re-emerges, after the long, harsh winters. In NYC last weekend, I experienced the moment when everyone came outside for the first time to collectively enjoy the faint warmth and yellow sunshine.

It’s a beautiful time – you can feel the joy as people enjoy each other’s company; for the first time in months you hear laughter on the streets and see smiling faces walking by, instead of looking around at bundled up parkas and scarves. ¬†Although we have this to some degree in Australia when everyone takes their first summer trip to the beach – it isn’t quite the same. The winters in the northern parts of the US and Canada are much more extreme and bitterly, painfully long.

Sitting in the afternoon sunlight, I could see the iconic NY high rises lining the park as a friend and I munched on a stack of cupcakes. People were walking their dogs, riding bikes, and reading in the sunlight; tourists flew by on bike taxis and took trips on the Central Park horse and carriages.

Here’s a few photos I snapped that afternoon.

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