Ristorante Quadri in Venice

Ristorante Quadri in Venice

During my recent trip to Venice, I ate at the most amazing restaurant – Ristorante Quadri – and I thought I’d share some of the the chef’s incredible creations with you all.

Before we’d tasted any of the dishes or even seen the menu, the restaurant was jaw-dropping because of its incredible decor and atmosphere. The walls were covered in burgundy floral damask wallpaper, and murano glass chandeliers and lamps were hanging from the ceiling and walls.

Gorgeous interiors at the Ristorante Quadri, which overlooks Venice’s Piazza San Marco. Photo courtesy of Ristorante Quadri.

To start the meal I had a trio of delicious seafood tasters. I can’t remember exactly what they were other than that the first was made with salted cod, the second with shrimp, and the third with crab. I also had a primavera soup – which was really more like a purée – the base was a spiced carrot cream and it was topped with peas, asparagus, saltwort, green beans and a toasted sesame crisp. It was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. The combination of flavours was incredible; the mix of ingredients, perfect.

Clockwise from left: primavera soup, buffalo mozzarella lasagnetta, seafood appetizers, suckling lamb with potato and onion tarte tatin and baby artichokes. Photos ©Kelly Stock.

For the main meal a friend and I shared two dishes. The first was an Italian lasagnetta, which didn’t have any meat. It was very simple with layers of handmade pasta, buffalo mozzarella, basil and fresh tomato sauce. The second dish was tender suckling lamb with a potato and onion tarte tatin and a baby artichoke on the side. The tarte tatin was perfect; the pastry was crispy, but buttery soft at the same time.

Clockwise from left: Italian Pinot Noir. Trio of handmade chocolates: white chocolate, raspberry and mint; cappuccino cream cup; double chocolate cream cup topped with exploding rice crisps. Saffron and liquorice cream mille-feuille pastry. Photos ©Kelly Stock.

And the desserts – oh, the desserts. We tried a liquorice and saffron cream (dairy-free though, I think it was made with an oil base) between mille-feuille pastry layers. At first I was hesitant about liquorice and cream together, but the liquorice taste was so subtle that it enhanced the cream and matched perfectly with the saffron taste and the crisp pastry, which almost melted in your mouth it was so light. And, to finish off the experience, we had a trio of handmade chocolates: the first was a mint, raspberry and white chocolate cream cup, the second a cappuccino cream cup, and the third a double chocolate cream cup topped with rice crisps that popped and exploded in your mouth as you ate them.

Together the whole night was completely unique and completely Venice. Especially ‘Venice’ was our experience leaving the restaurant. While we had been enjoying our dinner the water had risen below us, and when we looked out the window, the plaza was full with 50 centimeters of water. The waiters gave us disposable plastic boots to wade out through the lower level of the restaurant, which by that stage was flooded with water. The experience was the perfect ending to my vacation in Venice.

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